IMDS-2017 Exhibitor List

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Participant Country Stand number
21st Century Asian Arms, website Philippines 332
Zvyozdochka Shiprepairing Center JSC Russia 700
ZVEZDA-Service LLC Russia 115
ZVEZDA PJSC Russia 115
Zlatstyle LLC Russia 735
Zelinsky Electrostal Chemical-Mechanical Plant OJSC Russia 330
Zelenodolsk Design Bureau JSC Russia 700
ZASLON JSC Russia 804
Zaliv Shipyard LLC Russia 730
Yaskin Start NPP JSC Russia 334
Yaroslavl Shipyard PJSC Russia 721
Yantar Shipyard JSC Russia 700
Yalamov Ural Optical & Mechanical Plant JSC Russia 701
Warship Technology, magazine United Kingdom 741
Vysokotochnyie Kompleksy NPO JSC Russia 701, 102
Vympel Shipyard JSC Russia 723,аква
Vympel Design Shipbuilding Bureau OJSC Russia 744
VSMPO-AVISMA Corporation PJSC Russia 701
Volna Plant PJSC Russia 716
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