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Post-event press release of the Sixth

International Maritime Defence Show IMDS-2013

The Sixth International Maritime Defence Show (IMDS-2013) has finished its work successfully. The Show is one of the world-leading exhibitions in the field of shipbuilding and naval armament.

The results of the exhibition demonstrate its high demand among marine industry enterprises. The high status of the show and its place in the world system of defense exhibitions was confirmed again.

457 enterprises from 31 countries took part in the exposition; among them 89 enterprises were from foreign countries. The exposition occupied 17 000 sq.m. of exhibition space in pavilions and on outdoor display areas. All leading marine enterprises of Russia were presented among the participants. The great part of the exposition was occupied by manufacturers of component equipment, appliances, electronic elements, information technologies and products of double purpose.

The broad format of IMDS-2013 allowed to present the products of enterprises at stands, outdoor areas, near the quays as well as to demonstrate maritime artillery in action on the firing range, to discuss theoretical and organizational issues during numerous business meetings and congresses. There were 5 research and application conferences, 25 congress and business protocol events within IMDS – 2013.

Demonstration part at the Seaport quays and in water near the exhibition grounds consisted of 36 ships and boats including crafts of the Ministry of Defence and the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation, three foreign ships of Naval Forces and also boats and ships of enterprises – participants of the Show.

Naval artillery and small-arms weapon firing demonstrations for official foreign delegations and mass media were held successfully at the artillery range of the Ministry of  Defence of the Russian Federation «Rzhevka».

75 official delegations from 51 countries participated in IMDS-2013. Almost all countries dealing with manufacture and exploitation of naval equipment attended the Show. On delegations there were five Ministers of Defence, fourteen Commanders-in-Chief of Naval Forces and other high-ranked official delegates. Extensive program of delegations’ work is fully implemented. Its format and size has over passed previous IMDS exhibitions.

Official foreign delegations visited defence industry enterprises.

The Association of Foreign Naval Attache, accredited in Russia traditionally take part in IMDS-2013.

The Show was attended by: Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation D.O. Rogozin, Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation M. Y. Sokolov, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation A.L. Rakhmanov, Deputy Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation Y. I. Borisov, Deputy Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation V.A. Olerskiy, Director of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation Russia A.V. Fomin, Governor of St. Petersburg G.S. Poltavchenko, Presidential Envoy to the Northwest Federal District V. I. Bulavin, Commander in Chief of the Russian Navy V. V. Chirkov and other officials.  

As part of the exhibition two traditional IMDS-2013 Prize Sailing Regattas were held.

Over 48000 specialists visited IMDS-2013. Considering the contact of many St. Petersburg citizens with marine industry, patriotic traditions and interest to the event, citizens and visitors of St. Petersburg had an opportunity to attend the exhibition, to see the warships at the quays and demonstration flights of the aerobatic teams Russkiye Vityazi,  Strizhy and Rus.

The Show is developing, proving its high effectiveness and importance.

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